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Written Description/ Suggested Protocol
Story-Based Interventions

Description and Purpose

This book is a story-based intervention, also known as a social narrative. It is an evidence-based support strategy developed and published for Cuts n Curls for boys and girls. The purpose of the story is to help teach expected behaviors, assist your child with increasing their understanding of what they will encounter, and increase the likeliness of a successful and fun haircut experience. Story-based interventions have been extensively researched for children with disabilities but they can be used with all children.

How to Introduce the Story

-Parents can print the story or save the pdf to any electronic device/computer.

-Read the story to your child before going to Cuts n Curls. Make the reading experience fun and enjoyable. It would be helpful to encourage discussion about what they will see and do, too. Kids may have specific questions, which is great. The more you can assist them in better understanding what they will experience, the better.

-It may be beneficial to also bring a copy (electronic or print-out) to Cuts n Curls the day of the haircut too.

-HAVE FUN with this! It’s so important for children to enjoy participating in community-based activities. Parents may want to add incentives/ reinforcers for specific desired behaviors, too. Another suggestion is to bring with you a preferred toy or item such as favorite stuffed animal to assist with making the experience a successful one.