Let us bring the fun right to your yard!

Halloween Eggs are delivered to your home and will arrive on the evening of October 30th, Saturday night

between 9pm and 6am (this is the night before Halloween)

Halloween Eggs are filled with pre-wrapped, name brand candy and small novelty toys. They are scattered in your front/back yard (your choice of placement) overnight.

30 eggs for $30.00

50 eggs for $45.00

100 eggs for $75.00

200 eggs for $115.00

300 eggs for $170.00

400 eggs for $225.00

500 eggs for $275.00


All money is due by Monday October 25th, 2021 to guarantee your drop!

Payment: Paid in advance via PayPal or Venmo.


To schedule an egg drop, please complete this form with your information.


See how surprised your children will be when they wake up, look outside and see that Halloween was brought right to their house!